NHS Grampian Biorepository

Information for Researchers

Applications to obtain samples from Grampian Biorepository should be submitted electronically, via the website. Anonymised clinical data on each patient sample can also be provided (when available). Submissions should contain sufficient detail regarding their purpose to allow the Scientific Access Group to make a full and proper assessment of the scientific and technical merit of the project and anticipated benefit. The Scientific Access committee consists of clinicians and scientists some of whom also serve as representatives on the local Research Ethical Committee.

For samples which are scarce and more than one project seeks them, the Scientific access committee will give priority based on the scientific merit of the application. The scientific access will review requests within a 10 day working time frame.

Applicants must first discuss with the relevant local investigator to ensure that the stored samples and or data are suitable for the proposed project. Please contact the Biorepository manager, Joan Wilson for contact details of local investigator.

Telephone: 01224 550361/553513
E-mail: gram.biorepository@nhs.scot